ORIGIN Multimedia


Digital Graphics

Digital graphics for marketing, print material, branding, identity, logos, packaging and Promotion design are created with attention to details.


The use of animation has become widespread, from full length features to shorts and commercials. 3d and clay animation is our main focus. Industries like education, entertainment, information, marketing all have used animation and continue with a lot of demands.

3D architectural rendering and fly-through animation

Our strengths in this field are obvious. Today we have realistic quality, superior techniques and awesome ability. Our 3D gallery doesn't just show the best projects, it shows them all. You don't need to look further for the most advanced architectural 3D techniques in the world, and we are always pressing forward with new innovation and levels of realism.

Video Production & TV Commercials

High Definition video productions portray not just our 3D virtual reality footage but we shoot location and live presenters. We handle scripting, all aspects of production, TV commercials, DVD authoring and delivery to the web.

Web Design

We design creative and effective websites. The website is designed as per the requirements and identity of the client. With special websites for architects, builders, sports clubs and business organizations. Each website is individual and unique.

Coloured floor plans and architectural illustrations

Like all our services, we approach things differently and to a higher standard. You will find our colored architectural floor plan illustrations a cut above the rest with their 3D rendered furniture, real photo texturing and warm shadowing. Such an important part of the brochure deserves this level of quality and for the small part of the budget they consume spending a little more for a better job is prudent.

Other services

Scale models for architecture and set design. Script writing, event design and sports design is also undertaken.